• 5711 μWire Bar
  • In-280A
  • In-775pvs
  • In-FMX-004
  • O-IonONE
  • O-4635
  • O-fusion
  • O-fusion-Inline
  • O-4214
  • N-3352_3362
  • B1-5832
  • B3-5810i
  • B1-5822i
  • R-5225S
  • R-5225
  • R-5710
  • R-5635MP
  • S-5515
  • B1-5802i
  • B3-Aerostat FPD
  • G-Top Gun 3
  • G-6115
  • B1-6432
  • B1-6422e
  • B1-minion2
  • B2-Aerostat XC2
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The latest light type ion air blower   AEROSTAT PC2

Simco-Ion new Aerostat PC2 provides complete mini environment ionization protection. As with its’ predecessor, the Aerostat PC Ionizing Blower, the Aerostat PC2 is designed and built for reliable, longterm static control for a variety of electronic, semiconductor, flat-panel display and life science assembly applications. The PC2 offers outstanding charge neutralization for targeted mini environments and has sufficient air velocity to provide static control up to 4 feet (1.2m) across a bench-top work surface. The combination of size with the weight-saving design allows the Aerostat PC2 to be easily mounted inside process tools while creating a blanket of ionized air through out the inside tool area.

The Aerostat PC2 offers inherent balance to 0 ±10V for protection of sensitive electronic components. The PC2 is loaded with usability features including an adjustable locking stand, fan speed control and separate balance and fan stall alarm LEDs with optional audible alarm. These features make the Aerostat PC2 the ideal mini environment ionization blower for assembly, test and packaging areas.

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