• 5711 μWire Bar
  • In-280A
  • In-775pvs
  • In-FMX-004
  • O-IonONE
  • O-4635
  • O-fusion
  • O-fusion-Inline
  • O-4214
  • N-3352_3362
  • B1-5832
  • B3-5810i
  • B1-5822i
  • R-5225S
  • R-5225
  • R-5710
  • R-5635MP
  • S-5515
  • B1-5802i
  • B3-Aerostat FPD
  • G-Top Gun 3
  • G-6115
  • B1-6432
  • B1-6422e
  • B1-minion2
  • B2-Aerostat XC2
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Can be used in tandem with compact air blower   MINION2

Simco-Ion minION2 Ionizing Blower is designed to control electrostatic charges in sensitive electronics assembly and automated tool applications requiring stable operation with fast discharge time performance.

Simco-Ion's steady-state DC corona ion technology provides a control circuitry to deliver consistent performance. Performance is enhanced by use of radial ion emitter design. Our unique geometry and airflow control provide performance meeting the demands of electronics and critical assembly manufacturers with corona ion technology.

minION2 uses a modular wiring system that allows power delivery by daisy-chaining up to 3 units on one standard, modular power supply. Hard wiring of power can be accommodated by use of a terminal block located on the back of the unit, which also features a relay contact output of the fault signal to enable remote monitoring. An optional clamp-on articulating arm stand is available for applications requiring an elevated position or to save work surface space.

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