• 5711 μWire Bar
  • In-280A
  • In-775pvs
  • In-FMX-004
  • O-IonONE
  • O-4635
  • O-fusion
  • O-fusion-Inline
  • O-4214
  • N-3352_3362
  • B1-5832
  • B3-5810i
  • B1-5822i
  • R-5225S
  • R-5225
  • R-5710
  • R-5635MP
  • S-5515
  • B1-5802i
  • B3-Aerostat FPD
  • G-Top Gun 3
  • G-6115
  • B1-6432
  • B1-6422e
  • B1-minion2
  • B2-Aerostat XC2
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Small footprint and control of 1V with external sensor   5822I

The compact design of the Critical Environment In-tool Ionizing Blower Model 5822i is designed to meet small-footprint ionizer requirements in automated process tools, offering exceptional performance in hard disk drive manufacturing and back-end semiconductor environments. The ionizer maintains a ± 3 V or better balance standard and exceptional ±1V with the optional external feedback system. An internal, automatic balance correction system ensures target is ionized accurately, presenting significant reduction in calibration and maintenance time resulting in cost savings. A collimator installed over the fan directs precisely balanced ionized air to the target without taking up valuable room in environment.

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