• 5711 μWire Bar
  • In-280A
  • In-775pvs
  • In-FMX-004
  • O-IonONE
  • O-4635
  • O-fusion
  • O-fusion-Inline
  • O-4214
  • N-3352_3362
  • B1-5832
  • B3-5810i
  • B1-5822i
  • R-5225S
  • R-5225
  • R-5710
  • R-5635MP
  • S-5515
  • B1-5802i
  • B3-Aerostat FPD
  • G-Top Gun 3
  • G-6115
  • B1-6432
  • B1-6422e
  • B1-minion2
  • B2-Aerostat XC2
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Multi-channel Field Detection   NOVX 3352 / 3362 (MP)

Simco-Ion series of Novx Multi-channel Field Voltage Detection Systems provides the capability to simultaneously detect, measure, record and monitor electrostatic field voltages in multiple locations. The versatile antennas used with these systems allow their use in a variety of applications including monitoring sensitive workstations, in-tool voltages, or ionizer performance with the option of closed-loop control to select ionizer products. Up to 3 sensors can be connected to an individual instrument. This multi-channel capability provides a cost-effective monitoring solution for multiple areas or ionizers. Data input is actively monitored and logged with time stamps using Calibrator_Reader. The instruments have user settable thresholds and alarm levels that provide a proactive safeguard for critical areas when interfaced to an alarm output. Out of range conditions can trigger a remote alarm light or audible alarms, shut down a critical process, or make adjustments to an ionizing fan.

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