MOREIonizing Blower

5832 (A) (N)

Direct or use Novx System for feedback

5832 ionizing blower can operate with an external sensor to maintain precise balance (better than ±1V) by altering ion output and adapting to environment ...

MOREIonizing Gun / Nozzle


Light and optional foot of the ion air gun

AirForce 6115 Ionizing Blow-off Gun was designed with the operator in mind. Its lightweight and flexible air hose moves with the operator and makes ...

MOREIonizing Bar

5711 μWIRE

For space constrained tools

Similar to the μWire AeroBar 5710, the 5711 is particularly suited for sensitive flat panels where fast discharge times and low swing voltages are des...

MORERoom Ionization System


Digital Room Ionization System

5515 Ceiling Emitter and Controller Models 5522/5582 comprise our state-of-the-art digital room ionization system. The two controller models enable t...

MORESpecial Applications

NOVX 3352 / 3362 (MP)

Multi-channel Field Detection

Novx Multi-channel Field Voltage Detection Systems provides the capability to simultaneously detect, measure, record and monitor electrostatic field v...



Graphic / Numeric Display Electrostatic Fieldmeter

Simco-Ion's Model FMX-004 Fieldmeter is with graphic and numeric display, and ion balance measurement for ionizing air blower.

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Simco-Ion, the world's largest manufacturer of ionization and process monitoring products, has been providing solutions to electrostatic issues in a wide range of industries since 1936. Simco-Ion's comprehensive product line incorporates years of research, engineering and field experience. You can be sure of receiving maximum performance and reliability.

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